Electronic Components Distribution

VRG Components, Inc. is the premier global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies.  We deliver reliable results being uniquely positioned as an independent distributor of electronic components.  Our multi-lingual purchasing team sources components worldwide 24 hours a day to secure hard-to-find, end-of-life (EOL), highly allocated, and long lead time parts.  We meet even your most demanding sourcing requirements in today’s ever-changing market.

With over 50 years of industry knowledge, our leaders have established the widest and most reliable global electronic components distribution network complementing our clients’ existing supply channels with our extensive electronic components distribution services and market expertise.  We partner with our clients helping them to capitalize immediately on opportunities in order to bridge supply gaps, reduce costs, manage inventory, and speed time to market.

We keep our customers’ supply chains running securely by meeting their strategies and product needs with our efficient distribution and top-notch quality control programs.  VRG’s strategies help our customers reduce carrying costs, minimize the effects of future price increases or shortages and achieve accuracy in cost planning.

See our video about supply chain and inventory management.